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The Carnegie Mellon University Humanist League is dedicated to building a community of humanists, who strive to improve the human condition through reason and compassion.

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Humanist League is to build an inclusive, values-based community dedicated to breaking down the ideological barriers to widespread human flourishing. To this end, we celebrate freedom of inquiry in the domains of ethics, politics and theology, and promote constructive dialogue and mutual understanding on subjects that traditionally divide humanity.

Our Objectives:

  • Build a close community committed to core humanist values.
  • Provide a vital social space where members can safely engage in the collaborative testing of ethical, existential, theological and political hypotheses.
  • Engage the adherents of other outlooks in open, honest dialogue aimed at mutual understanding.
  • Promote humanism as a promising value foundation for harmonious co-existence, collaborative problem solving and a brighter future.

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The Executive Board

Alex Jackson bio photo Alex JacksonPresident Hi I’m Alex! I’m a senior in Physics and Ethics History and Public Policy. I’m into all things morals and metaphysics, and I’m on a quest to figure out the best way to live my life, and see philosophy as an important tool for that. I’m also passionate about increasing diversity in historically underrepresented fields in everything I do. In my free time I am a model, I do dark matter research, and some photography.
Chanel Menocal bio photo Chanel MenocalVice President Hey, I'm Chanel and I'm the VP/ Treasurer for The Humanist League. I'm majoring in Civil Engineering and looking to specialize in public structures. I like to find a common ground between two arguments and then figure out why one should choose one opinion over the other based on its facts, because I believe most arguments can be traced back to an objective truth. On my free time, I like to discover new bands (many of which are local to Pittsburgh), do DIY projects, practice mindfulness, and watch documentaries.
Alexander Litzenberger bio photo Alexander LitzenbergerEvents Coordinator Hello, I am Alex. I am a Junior Double Major in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. I spend my free time Reading (mostly Philosophy) books, and white water kayaking. I believe in objective truth but not certain knowledge so I think that we should strive to make the latter approximate the former. Fun fact, not a big fan of fiction books.
Isaac Grosof bio photo Isaac GrosofSocial Chair Hi, I'm Isaac! I'm a second year PhD student in Computer Science, studying queueing theory. In my free time, I like to read, program and walk around Pittsburgh. Philosophically, I believe in the quest for improvement, in my personal life, in humanity's knowledge and in the state of the world in general.
Jeremy Huang bio photo Jeremy HuangMedia Manager Hello, I'm Jeremy. I am a senior Computer Science major with a physics minor. Epistemologically, I am a fallibilist, which means that it is always possible to be less wrong. Morally, I am a proponent of natural rights who values knowledge. I love reading, learning, and collaborative argumentation.

Previous Executive Boards

  • 2016 – 2017:
    • Clara Nelson ― President
    • Alex Jackson ― Vice President
    • Jeremy Huang ― Events Coordinator
    • Chanel Menocal ― Treasurer
    • Eduardo Solomon ― Social Chair
    • Aiko Kyle ― Media Manager
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor
  • 2016 – 2017:
    • Aiko Kyle ― President
    • Clara Nelson ― Vice President
    • Katie Beittenmiller ― Events Coordinator
    • Peter Boyland ― Treasurer
    • Jeremy Huang ― Social Chair
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor
  • 2015 – 2016:
    • Katie Beittenmiller ― President
    • Winston Yin ― Vice-President
    • Aiko Kyle ― Events Coordinator
    • Ezra Yuan ― Treasurer Fall 2015
    • Alex Jackson ― Treasurer Spring 2016
    • Clara Nelson ― Social Chair
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor
  • 2014 – 2015:
    • Winston Yin ― President
    • David Koopman ― Fall 2014 Treasurer
    • Ezra Yuan ― Spring 2015 Treasurer
    • Katie Beittenmiller ― Social Chair
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor
  • 2013 – 2014:
    • Jie Guan ― President
    • Luke Masa ― Treasurer
    • Winston Yin ― Social Chair
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor
  • 2012 – 2013:
    • James A. Laslavic ― President
    • Winston Yin ― Treasurer
    • Jie Guan ― Social Chair
    • Prof. Andy Norman ― Faculty Advisor