Welcome Back!

A warm welcome to all our fellow humanists! We did some neat stuff last year, and had a lot of fun in the process. This year, we hope to build on our promising start, and grow our vital community of inquiry.

What’s the CMU Humanist League all about, again? Thanks for asking! We:

  • Enjoy the free play of ideas
  • Promote constructive dialogue on subjects that traditionally divide humanity (ethics, politics, theology…)
  • Seek to break down ideological barriers to widespread human flourishing.

We investigate questions of enduring human interest, practice the art of building mutual understanding, and enjoy great conversation. We host educational events, do community service projects, and provide fellowship.

Must you be an atheist or a secular humanist to join? Not at all! We are inclusive humanists. This means we welcome people of all faiths–or no faith. Just bring an open mind and a passion for thinking things through!