Human Connection During Social Isolation

This week’s topic is on Human Connection during Social Isolation.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us are undergoing social isolation. We can’t make physical contact with anyone outside our houses, we can’t even get too close to anyone. While this is essential to decrease the harm caused by the pandemic, it can have a severe toll.

People need to feel close to other people. “Social Belonging” is one of the more important rungs of the hierarchy of needs. It’s very difficult to establish and maintain that belonging when isolated. How are you managing? How do long-range connections (like video meetings) compare? What other sources of connection have you been able to find? Are the people you’re connecting with different compared to who you might have connected with in the past?

Some of us are isolated with our families, and some of us are not. How do these experiences compare?

Are these difficulties fundamental to the situation of social isolation, or are some fixable, as technology develops in the future?