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The Carnegie Mellon University Humanist League is dedicated to building a community of humanists, who strive to improve the human condition through reason and compassion.

Discussion meetings are held every week in Wean Hall 5310 on Tuesday at 4:30pm. To hear about the topics of our weekly meetings, subscribe to our weekly meetings email list! To see potential future topics and suggest new ones, check out this form.

Board games events are held every week in Wean Hall 5328 on Wednesday at 5-7pm.

The CMU Humanist League holds weekly discussion meetings, on a variety of topics which are chosen to promote deep yet positive conversations. All CMU students, faculty, and community members are invited! New members are always enthusiastically welcome. You can also check out some of our previous topics.

We invite speakers to talk about topics of importance to humanity and our shared well-being. We have events several times a semester, which are open to absolutely everyone! We’ll post about them here, or you can join our events mailing list to just hear about our speaker events. The weekly meetings list will also hear about the speaker events. You can also check out some of our previous speakers.

You can learn about our mission and meet our exec board over here.

For anything else, you can send us an email at cmu dot humanists@gmail dot com (Sorry for the indirection, spam is annoying).