Having No Opinion

We are often asked our opinion of issues on which we are not well informed. When this happens, what are we to do? Often times our answer is to form an opinion based on what little we have heard about the issue. Is it good to do so? Should we consider the alternative, refraining from having an opinion? Might there be unforeseen, negative consequences? We may withhold our comments since we judge ourselves as under-informed on the issue. Then, people even less informed, but lacking good judgement or restraint may speak up in our stead. On the other hand, forming an opinion with little backing may lead us to incorrect assumptions and close our mind to learning about the issue. Whether it is learning new facts or learning how one side views an issue, there is often much to learn by withholding an opinion. Is it beneficial or detrimental to hold no opinion on divided issues? How, and why, might we incorporate being opinion-less into our habits of mind?